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Alessio Sanfilippo - oceanic lithosphere

Dr. Alessio Sanfilippo (PAVIA)


Mercoledì' 2 maggio
Aula D, via Botticelli 23, Milano

ore 14.00:
Journey to the ocean interiors
The most we know of the ocean crust is derived from indirect (geophysical) observations and studies of fossil oceans exposed on land. To date, only few penetrations succeeded to recover deep portions of the oceanic plates. Drilling expeditions in the oceanic crust revealed a complexity never imagined before; we just started scratching the surface.

ore 15.00:
Mechanism and effect of reactive melt migration in the oceanic lithosphere
Melts under Mid Ocean Ridges form in a wide melting region and must be transported and coalesce from several hundreds of kilometres into a narrow zone few kilometres wide. The style, depth and mechanism of melt migration processes influence fundamentally the trace elements and isotope compositions of the erupted melts.


23 aprile 2018
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