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Formation of the oceanic crust: successes and challenges of deep drilling

Milano – 12 Febbraio 2019 - ore 16.30 Aula D (via Botticelli)

Formation of the oceanic crust: successes and challenges of deep drilling

Dr. Benoit Ildefonse

Per informazioni e iscrizione contattare: Director of Geosciences Montpellier DOCENTE DI RIFERIMENTO UNIMI (giulio.borghini@unimi.it) CNRS, University of Montpellier (France)

  •  Highlighting some of the scientific questions related to accretion processes at mid-ocean ridges;

  •  Results of IODP Expeditions on detachment faulting, hydrothermal alteration, magmatic processes in building crust at slow-spreading ridges;

  •  Insights on crustal accretion and cooling (IODP Expedition 345 at Hess Deep, 2002-03) of layered primitive gabbros of fast-spread crust;

  •  Next challenges for scientific drilling in the ocean lithosphere, the “MoHole to the Mantle” project (http://mohole.org), which aims to reach and sample the uppermost mantle beneath the Pacific fast-spread crust.


17 gennaio 2019
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