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Experimental Petrology Laboratory  

Experimental Petrology Laboratory



The Department of Earh Sciences in Milano has an extensive history in high pressure experimental petrology and geochemistry, maintaining a high pressure laboratory for more than 30 years. At present, we possess a fully-equipped high pressure experimental laboratory boasting one of the largest collections of apparatus in Italy devoted to the synthesis of fluids, minerals and glasses at controlled pressure, temperature and redox conditions. Experimental products aim to reproduce in a small world processes undergoing in the Earth’s interior.



Stefano Poli

Patrizia Fumagalli

Simone Tumiati

Giulio Borghini



Attrezzature /

Gas Mixing Vertical Furnace

TMAX= 1800°C
3 gas mass-flow-controllers
(two at 0-50 sccm, one at 0-5 sccm)
Oxygen partial pressure is monitored by
an extractive ZrO2 sensor


Single stage piston cylinder

Piston of 22 mm diameter
PMAX= 22 kbar, T=1400°C



End-loaded piston cylinder

Boyd and England type
PMAX= 40 kbar, T=1700°C



Multianvil module

6/8 Walker type multi anvil module on a 1000-ton
uniaxial press
WC cubic anvils of 32 mm of edge and with 8 mm,
11mm and 17mm Truncation Edge Length
PMAX = 20 GPa, T=2000°C

Attività di Ricerca
svolta dal
laboratorio /
Research activities
High pressure High temperature experiments on
Earth Materials and Ceramic Composites



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