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Electron Microprobe Laboratory  

Electron Microprobe Laboratory 


The wavelength-dispersive spectrometry - Electron Probe Microanalyzer (WDS-EPMA) is the reference technology for the quantitative chemical analysis of major and trace elements (> 100 parts per million), from Be to U, at spatial resolutions of the micrometer. Despite the advent of other technologies for microanalysis, EPMA is still unsurpassed for its versatility and analytical performance on light and ultra-light elements, for the non-destructiveness of the electron beam, for the extremely reduced volumes of investigation, and for the efficiency in collecting large elemental 2D maps of the sample.



Stefano Poli and Andrea Risplendente 


The Electron Microprobe Laboratory is part of the UNITECH COSPECT - Comprehensive Substances characterization via advanced sPECTtroscopy

Responsabile Tecnico dott. Enrico Caneva


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