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  FEI Tecnai G2 F20Crystal grain of hematite in olivine
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FEI Tecnai G2 F20

Main specifications

The FEI Tecnai F20 is a Field Emission Gun (FEG) transmission electron microscope. 
The accelerating voltage is 200 kV. 
The microscope is equipped with a S-Twin lens that gives a point resolution of 0.24 nm. 
An energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer (EDS) with ultrathin window is present. 
The imaging system is composed by one tv rate 626 Gatan and one slow scan 794 Gatan CCD cameras. 
All the detectors are enbedded in the control unit of the microscope. 
The sample holder is double tilt. 
Thank to the FEG gun very small probes (<0.3 nm) are avilable. 

Point resolution (nm) 0.24
Line resolution (nm) 0.1
Information limit (nm) 0.15
Cs objective (mm) 1.2
Cc objective (mm) 1.2
Focal length (mm) 1.7
Minimum focus step (nm) 1.8
Maximum eucentric tilt ± 40º
TEM magnification 25x – 1030 kx
SA diffraction camera length (mm) 40 – 4300
Maximum diffraction half angle ± 12º

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Research activities
Electron Crystallography Structure analysis:
intergrowth, exsolution, interfaces Defect studies



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