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Micro-Raman Spectroscopy Laboratory  

Micro-Raman Spectroscopy Laboratory


Non-destructive characterization and chemical imaging of several materials spanning from rocks and minerals to fossils (massive samples, thin sections, powders, gem quality single crystals), fluids, fluid inclusions, glasses and much more.



Patrizia Fumagalli

Phone: 0250315608


LAB details

High resolution confocal micro-Raman system (LabRam HR Evolution – Horiba)

Laser sources: green laser:  Nd-Yag 532 nm/100mW with Ultra Low Frequency (ULF) filters

red laser: HeNe 633nm/30mW)

Gratings 600 r/mm, 1200 r/mm

Motorized Stage in x-y-z ideal for 3D mapping

Olympus microscope with an “open” frame, ideal for analysis of large samples, equipped with 5x, 10x, 50x LWD, 100x objectives

Mineralogia e Petrografia  


Mineralogia e Petrografia

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