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Single Crystal X-Ray Laboratory  

Single Crystal X-Ray Laboratory



The single-crystal X-ray lab facility is currently equipped with a series of instruments and provide a wide range of measurement conditions on single crystals and different kinds of polycrystalline samples (powders in capillary, thin sections, …).  The staff provides service and scientific support to internal research groups, external academics as well as industry service. A series of devices allow to perform routine experiments along with in-situ experiments under extreme conditions.



Diego Gatta - Phone +39 02 503 15607

Nicola Rotiroti - Phone +39 02 503 15604



The single-crystal X-ray lab is equipped with three diffractometers and a series of devices, which allow to perform routine experiments along with in-situ exps. under extreme conditions.

Three 4-circle kappa diffractometers are available: 

1) a new Rigaku XtaLAB Synergy-S, equipped with a microfocus Mo-Kalpha source and a HyPix-6000HE detector, installed in the framework of the “Progetto di Eccellenza 2018-2022 - LE GEOSCIENZE PER LA SOCIETA': RISORSE E LORO EVOLUZIONE”, supported by the Italian Ministry of Education – MIUR.

2) Xcalibur-1 - Oxford Diffraction, equipped with a standard Mo-Kalpha source and both point and CCD detector

3) KM4 KUMA, equipped with a Mo-Kalpha source and a point detector

Driving software and data reduction are governed by the suite CrysAlisProTM.


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