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Waters and Fluids Geochemistry Laboratory  

Waters and Fluids Geochemistry Laboratory

The Waters and Fluids Geochemistry Laboratory is equipped with a plasma emission spectrometer, an ion chromatographer and an element analyser for the determination of elemental and ionic species. The laboratory provides analytical service for both academic and industrial research.




Daniele Pedretti - Phone +39 02 503 15546

Andrea Zerboni - Phone +39 02 503 15292


Elena Ferrari - Phone +39 02 503 15576

Chiara Compostella - Phone +39 02 503 15543




The Microwave Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometer 4100 MP-AES, by Agilent Technologies, is coupled with an Agilent 4107 Nitrogen Generator (N2>99.5%) to generate a magnetically-excited nitrogen plasma, works in the wavelength range 178-780nm and can mount a cyclonic nebulizing chamber or a Multi-mode Sample Introduction System (MSIS) for hydrade generation. 

Dionex Ion Chromatographer ICS900, by Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., connected to a AS-DV autosampler is used for the analysis of cations (IonPac CS12A+CCRS500) and anions (IonPac AS9-HC+MMS300). 

Thermo Fisher Scientific Flash2000 Elemental Analyzer allows for the quantitative determination (%) of Carbon, Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Sulphur by combustion.  

ConFlo IV interface allows connecting the Elemental Analyzer to the isotope ratio mass spectrometer, in order to perform simultaneous quantitative and isotopic analyses.

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Mineralogia e Petrografia

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