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Electro-Mechanics Laboratory  

Electro-Mechanics Laboratory

The electro-mechanics laboratory, located in via Cicognara 7, is equipped in order to efficiently project and realize articles and small to medium sized structures made of wood, plastics or metals, in keeping with specific demands related to research or teaching activities. Moreover repairs can be made of articles and structures made of wood and/or metal and, in many cases, of electric instruments and petrol engines. Repairs are also made on electronic devices and personal computers, particularly in relation to replacement of exhausted accumulators and batteries, transformers, hard disk drives, pc memories, CPUs.




Drill press, welders, cutting tools, different kinds of multimeters, oscilloscope, pc for the graphic elaboration of technical drawings.



Bruno Crippa - Phone 02-50318474

Antonio Tartaglia - Phone 02-50318472

Stefano Zoia - Phone 02-50318480



Trapano a colonna, saldatori, attrezzi da taglio, utensili per maschiatura, vari tipi di tester, oscilloscopio, computer per elaborazione grafica disegni tecnici.


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