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Advanced Optical Microscopy Laboratory  

Advanced Optical Microscopy Laboratory

The Laboratory provides a complete set of polarized light petrography microscopes, covering all the types of optical analyses for the study of rock samples (metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary) as well as similar materials, for qualitative and quantitative (point count) characterization. 



Fabrizio Berra

telephone 0250315498



Polarized light microscopes equipped with different magnifications, stereo zoom transmitted light petrographic microscopes, a double head microscope. All microscopes are equipped with cameras to obtain microphotographs of the samples.

Point count system.

High-resolution scanner for thin sections, with polarizing films. 

Cathodoluminescence microscopy luminoscope Cambridge Image Technology Limited (CITL), Cambridge, UK (model MK 5-2)

Geologia e Paleontologia  

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