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Laboratory Sediments and Soils  

Laboratory Sediments and Soils

The Laboratory Sediments and Soils is equipped to investigate the physical and chemical properties of soils and sediments, including archaeological and anthropogenic sediments. The laboratory includes the facilities for grain-size, pH, carbonate, organic matter content. The laboratory provides analytical service for academic and support for students.



Andrea Zerboni - Phone +39 02 503 15292

Chiara Compostella Phone +39 02 503 15543



Equipment for grain-size analyses

Benchtop pH (res. ± 0.1 / 0.01 pH) and conductivity (res. 0.01 µS) meter Wirsam Scientific

REMI centrifuge R-8 (max 6000 rpm)

Mettler Toledo analytical balance

Dietrich-Frueling calcimeter

Laboratory oven

High temperature laboratory furnace

Geologia e Paleontologia  

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