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Micropaleontology Laboratory  

Micropaleontology Laboratory

The Micropaleontology Laboratory is a facility for micropaleontological sample preparation and investigation. Microfossil research has a 70 years-old tradition at the Earth Science Department: planktonic foraminifers and calcareous nannofossils are investigated for biostratigraphic dating as well as paleoecological and paleoenvironmental reconstructions.



Elisabetta Erba - (nannofossili calcarei - calcareous nannofossils)

Maria Rose Petrizzo - (foraminiferi planctonici - planktonic foraminifers)

Cinzia Bottini - (nannofossili calcarei - calcareous nannofossils)




- High precision balance GIBERTINI (6 units)

- Centrifuge machine REMI R-10M

- Ultrasonic cleaning machine

- Two UV lamps

- Splitter McLane

- Filtration machine

- Settling Boxes equipment

- Two hot plates

- Several sets of sieves with different mesh sizes (from 0.250 mm to 0.040 mm)

- Fume hood Labosystem Typhoon 5003/2

- Set for thinning up thin sections

- Core sampling facilities


Research activities

-       Study of calcareous nannofossils for biostratigraphy, paleoecological and paleoclimatic reconstructions based on semi-quantitative, quantitative and morphometric analyses. The analyses can be conducted on smear slides, settling slides and/or ultra-thin sections, as well as on samples prepared with filters and splitter device. Morphometric analyses are performed using digital images.

-       Study of foraminifera for biostratigraphy, paleoecological and paleoclimatic reconstructions based on qualitative and quantitative data obtained from weighted and unweighted washed residues and thin sections. Morphometric analyses on digital images.


Mineralogia e Petrografia  


Mineralogia e Petrografia

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