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Geochemistry and volcanology - GEO/08  

Geochemistry and Volcanology



The group employs a geochemistry-based scientific approach to investigate different aspects of the formation and evolution of our planet. The recently installed laboratory of mass spectrometry (LAB Page) allows: (i) characterizing the major and trace element chemical composition of rocks, mineral and waters, (ii) dating accessory phases (e.g. zircon, rutile, monazite) and carbonates by U-Pb geochronology, (iii) tracing sources and processes in various environments using radiogenic (Sr, Nd, Hf, Pb) and stable isotopes (B).


Main research lines

The main lines of research of our group are related to the study of the Solid Earth through the integration of fieldwork, petrology and high-spatial resolution geochemical analysis. Our main research topic are:

  • Formation and reworking of the continental crust: what controls the internal structure of continents?
  • Element mobility in subduction zones: P-T-X evolution of rocks and sediments at plate-interface settings.
  • Shallow-level magma chambers and sialic volcanism: the plutonic-volcanic connection.
  • Petrogenesis of LCT pegmatites and mechanisms of lithium enrichment in the upper crust.



GRUPPO: nomi con email=>

Prof. Massimo Tiepolo (massimo.tiepolo@unimi.it)

Prof. Federico Farina (federico.farina@unimi.it)

Dr. Enrico Cannaò (enrico.cannaò@unimi.it)

Dr. Gianluca Sessa (gianluca.sessa@unimi.it)

Dr. Elena Ferrari (elena.ferrari@unimi.it)

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