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Paleontologia e Paleoecologia - GEO/01  



The group is composed of paleontologists of macroinvertebrates and micropaleontologists whose research is dedicated to biostratigraphy, paleoecology and paleoceanography applied to selected time-intervals of the Phanerozoic. In particular, the focus of the research group is on: i) brachiopods, ii) cephalopods, iii) bivalves, iv) planktonic foraminifera and v) calcareous nannofossils.


Main research topics

1)    Biota resilience to global change: biomineralization of planktic and benthic calcifiers in the past, present and future (PRIN 2017RX9XXY). (E.E., L.A., M.R.P., C.B., G.F.)

2)    Integrated bio-chronostratigraphy and taxonomic revision of Jurassic and Cretaceous calcareous nannofossils and planktonic foraminifera for the development of the Geological Time Scale. (E.E., M.R.P., C.B)

3)    Morphometric characterization of Mesozoic calcareous nannofossils: implications for taxonomy and paleoceanography. (E.E., C.B., G.F.)

4)    Lab experiments on living coccolithophorids to assess the response to trace metal contaminants (Progetto Dipartimento di Eccellenza)­ (E.E., G.F.)

5)    Stable isotope (C and O) paleoecology of planktonic foraminifera to document the climatic transitions of global warming and cooling during the Cretaceous at low and southern high latitudes. (M.R.P.)

6)    Development of the Mesozoic Planktonic Foraminifera Database mikrotax.org - a system for web-delivery of taxonomy (http://www.mikrotax.org/pforams/) by revising and updating the taxonomy of planktonic foraminifera. (M.R.P.)

7)    Completing the Permian System: turbocharging the establishment of the remaining GSSPs (L.A.)

8)     Strategies of biomineralization in bivalves and brachiopods: from cells to hard tissues function (L.A. and G.C.)

9)    Brachiopods and mollusks as archives of geochemical proxies of past climate conditions (L.A. and G.C.)


Prof.ssa Elisabetta Erba (elisabetta.erba@unimi.it)

Prof.ssa Lucia Angiolini (lucia.angiolini@unimi.it)

Prof. Marco Balini (marco.balini@unimi.it)

Prof.ssa Maria Rose Petrizzo (mrose.petrizzo@unimi.it)

Prof.ssa Cinzia Bottini (cinzia.bottini@unimi.it)

Dott.ssa Cristina Lombardo (cristina.lombardo@unimi.it)

Dott.ssa Giulia Faucher (giulia.faucher@unimi.it)

Dott.ssa Gaia Crippa (gaia.crippa@unimi.it)

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